Hard work beats talent


“Hack your fitness” “The one trick that helps blitz body fat” “Boost energy levels” We’re constantly sold the idea or suggestion that there are a few tiny changes we can make or turn us into shredded, fitness kings or queens. […]

The small muscles that make a big difference


The guys over at D8Fitness were kind enough to send over a pack of mini bands to try out and I thought I would put a short video together to help you guys understand why you really should be using […]

Measure Less Enjoy More


Jordan Etkin is a marketing professor at Duke University and has just flipped the current obsession with wanting to measure and quantify. Her research showed that while measurement may prompt us to do more, it can make us enjoy the […]

Buy #thewayofdom T-Shirts


For the past few years I was reluctant to get T-shirts printed relating to my business because I undervalued their marketing power and how much people LOVE T-shirts! A few pictures I’ve gotten from people I work with all over […]

The Program You Don’t Even Know You’re On


“What we found in our studies was that women that kept cereal boxes visible on their kitchen counter were more likely to be heavier, about 21lbs (9.5kg) heavier than their next door neighbor”.  This is what Brian Wansink, Author of […]

World Leading Social Media Authority in Dublin!


I was first made aware of Gary Vaynerchuk back in 2009/10 with the release of his smash hit book – Crush it! The book was a total game changer in the marketing and business world and added to that was […]

Lack of direction, not lack of time


“It became boring”, “I grew to hate going”, “I wasn’t making much progress despite training regularly and keeping my food on track”, “I was stiff and sore ALL the time”. We have particularly noticed a big increase in new clients […]

5 Things You Must Do If You’re Hitting the Crossfit Open


So tomorrow the first of the Crossfit Open workouts are released. Whats the Crossfit Open? This might help So basically those that are doing the open have four days to complete one workout every week for five weeks. I’ve a  […]

Train what you can’t see


Modern technology has obviously helped us is so many areas of life and business but has lead to a massive increase in back, neck and shoulder pain. Talk to any physical therapist or physio and they will tell you they’re […]

More important than your protein shake


I was 10mins into listening to a podcast I usually quite enjoy and one of the guests was discussing nutrition and mentioned the following lines at least three times and made me switch it off and delete straight away – […]