How to run quicker and easier


I honestly think people take up running for two main reasons – 1. They want to drop fat – this is an ass backwards approach to fat loss and I explain why in my article why you cardio is keeping [...]

The 7 year program to become world class


To say these guys were big is to not do them justice. Recently I attended a one day seminar by the guys (Chad Wesley Smith and Brandon Lilly) at Juggernaut Training with a focus on powerlifting (squat, bench press and [...]

Are you deaf to the message?


Why is that my mum or dad will never take my advice regarding fitness and nutrition seriously yet when I have friends that work in the fitness industry chat to them they present the info back to me as something [...]

I wish I would have….


He’s just 17yrs old, this is my first training session with him and he wants to get started on some basic training to build some muscle and get fitter.   This is my first session on a Monday morning, I’m [...]

The best compression leggings you should own


So you want to buy compression leggings because you’ve heard that they enhance recovery and help reduce muscle soreness? In the video below I breakdown which ones are good, the difference between basic leggings and compression leggings and which are [...]

Get down to work


Your path to progress is inversely related to how much you talk about what you are going to do and the stuff you need to buy before you can actually start. Gyms and homes are filled with equipment, sports wear [...]

You don’t know what you think you know


The barrier to entry to become a fitness/personal/crossfit trainer is so low now that all you need is some basic smarts, about €1500-€2000, and a 2day-4week course and you’re all set to being self employed and ready to take over [...]

The most effective warm up you can do


For me one of the worst things you can do is stand around and do nothing while waiting for your personal training session to start. What I think when I see people standing around before a session. Whether you are [...]

The Bare Minimum to Greatness


“When people focus on problems, their problems actually grow and reproduce. When you train your mind to focus on solutions, guess what expands?” Jason Selk Author of 10 Minute Toughness and Executive Thoughness I listen to at least 15 podcasts [...]

Best leg and butt exercises you should be doing


Let’s face it the main reason many people in gyms work hard on exercises like biceps curls and abs is because they’re easy as compared to leg work. Working small muscles, such as, biceps, have their place but you won’t [...]