The Way of Dom Training Plan


So it’s finally here. We’re up and are running with a training plan that you can access anywhere online. We’ve set up a Facebook Training Group HERE where for €30 per month (€350 per year) you can have access to […]

Nutrition Resources You Need


My 20+ years working in the fitness industry has provided me with a few absolute truths, such as, 1. the people that show up on their first day and promise you, with the energy of an energizer bunny, they’re going […]

All Pain and No Gain


Covered in a layer of sweat but without feeling and looking like he just did a workout with running and burpees he said “wow, you have a great ability to judge what to do and how much to push me […]

But Dr Oz said………


Fitness and nutrition are one of the few areas of life that people often times refuse to seek help from those that actually know what they’re talking about because it’s their full time job yet readily accept the advice of […]

5 reasons why your gymnastics suck


Having basic gymnastic ability is fundamental to your training and exercise program regardless of age, ability, development and type of training that you favour. Over the past few years there has been a growing interest in developing basic gymnastic skills […]

2015 Stuff I liked that you might have missed


As we roll towards the end of the year it’s nice to look back on the year that was and remind you of certain ‘things’ I think you might be interested in that you either A) forgot about or B) […]

The Herald Crossfit Feature


Hope this post finds you well and just to let you know there was a two page feature detailing my thoughts on Crossfit in today’s edition of The Herald. Have a read if you get a chance to pick up […]

Get connected


Every week I train with a good friend of mine Jack Wise and for the past few weeks we have taken to going for runs through forest trails or up and down parts of the Wicklow or Dublin mountains. This came about because Jack was having some back issues which didn’t allow him to deadlift or squat heavy but could still run. It was also partly influenced by my reading (well should say listening as I now listen to more books on my iphone/kindle than I acutally read) of Bill Byrson’s fantastic book A Walk in the Woods.

The winter of our discontent


No I’m not referring to the John Steinbeck novel of the same name, published in 1961. A novel he wrote to address the moral degradation of American culture in the 1950’s and 60’s. Wait a minute that would be a […]

Fix my damn shoulder please!


When people ask me what would I change working with clients 5-10 years ago versus now and the answer I would give without hesitation is – If a client presents with poor shoulder mobility or has currently ANY shoulder pain […]