Nothing worked until….


The interview had to be done in his sauna at close to 200degrees! That was the condition set down by Rick Rubin the famous music producer and co-president of Columbia Records when Tim Ferris asked to do an interview with […]

Fat loss 101 – Everything you wanted to know about fat loss but were afraid to ask

Do you need to drop fat, get in great shape in record time? When your primary goal is rapid fat loss you may think that you are beyond the basics yet what I see when working with hundreds of clients […]

6 reasons why you SHOULD eat more chocolate and drink coffee


Back in my days as a University student studying Sports Science I was trying to nail down a topic for my final year dissertation. I used to love going to the libary to study but half the time I ended up reading unrelated research papers just because they sounded interesting or presented new information that was not being discussed. It’s from these geek filled evenings that I settled on spending six months doing a lit review of all the available papers relating to caffeine and sports performance.

Fat loss v’s Performance Nutrition


Put the date in your diary. On April 22nd from 7.30-9.30pm Crossfit Green in Sandyford (there are 3 Crossfit gyms in Sandyford so make sure you know where you’re going – it’s the one on Maple avenue beside the Spirit […]

What protein shake should I use?

Almost on a daily basis I get clients asking about using protein shakes or powders. Let’s keep this really simple and say the following –

The fitness tipping point in Ireland


Put a bodybuilder, Crossfitter, physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach, Olympic lifting and gymnastics coach in the same room and ask them about their training principles. What you would find is that they could agree on 90% of the principles […]



The foundation of what I teach clients is to get them to focus on attaining good mobility and strength first and not getting overly worried about conditioning or what you might call fitness i.e. heart rate is up and how […]

Frequency v’s intensity


I checked in at reception, quickly popped into the changing rooms to dump my bag and as soon as I hit the gym floor I thought “damn son you need to get in shape”. Myself and my wife (her cool […]

Super Strength Show Interview


I had the pleasure of being interviewed on an outstanding podcast called The Super Strength Show – I’ve admired this podcast for some time now simply because Ray¬†gets the best guests in the fitness industry and his line of […]

Focus on the why NOT the what – TTT seminar


What’s the best way to judge a course you take to improve your fitness knowledge? Simple, what am I going to apply and change with the clients I work with come monday. Well it’s monday, I did a course with […]