7 essential snacks or treats you need


We all know you can’t out-train a poor diet and when your primary goal is to look and feel your best what you eat is the determining factor to lasting success. If you are new to this and need help [...]

Stretches you should never leave out


So you’ve finished your workout and you know you need to stretch and foam roll (how to foam roll here) but can’t remember which stretches are the most important ones to focus on.   Here is a short video I [...]

Discover the fitness quality that’s holding you back


Want to know why going for a run is the last thing you need to do if you’ve decided that you want to get fit? Because you’re broken and you’re weak. How do I know this? Because I see this [...]

Does it work?


Last week I was working with a client and we were discussing the New Years resolution brigade who undertake new health habits in the hope of dropping some weight and feeling better. The topic of Operation Transformation (OT) came up. [...]

Fitter Ireland Project


I’m delighted to anounce that myself and three other top trainers have united to form The Fitter Ireland Project!     The Fitter Ireland Project was formed by Jason Kane, Dominic Munnelly, Robbie Bourke and Joe O’Shaughnessy as mastermind group [...]

A strong midline for optimal workouts


I find it interesting that there is always such constant attention given to ‘amazing abs exercises’ and ‘flatten your tummy in minutes’ programs that are constantly dished out by some trainers. It’s obvious that all the stomach exercises little or [...]

The 2013 Fitness Audit


The year is quickly coming to an end so here’s an audit of what I liked and lothed in 2013 and a nod towards what direction fitness, nutrition and health will go for 2014 and beyond. Here’s my review from [...]

Best Christmas Presents for a Fitness Aficionado


What would you like to see under the Christmas tree this year?   Well here are a few ideas to pass on to those that are  buying for the fitness fan out there. 1. A coffee subscription – love your [...]

Involve me and I learn


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin Last weekend Myself, my brother and our two staff from our gym went down to Crossfit Tipperary for a weekend seminar [...]

Workouts of the week November 2013


I find that it can be somewhat harder to get a workout done when it’s cold outside so here are some metcons I’ve been doing over the last few weeks with clients that can give you a great workout in [...]