Fix my damn shoulder please!


When people ask me what would I change working with clients 5-10 years ago versus now and the answer I would give without hesitation is – If a client presents with poor shoulder mobility or has currently ANY shoulder pain […]

3 fitness/nutrition myths you accept as fact


If you take the majority of your fitness and health information from the usual sources e.g. women’s magazines, Men’s Health etc then I’m fairly certain you’ve picked up a few pieces over the years that you probably consider fact yet […]

Stop avoiding negativity, embrace it


The past ten years has brought us amazing access to social connection through various different media outlets e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This is mostly a positive development but it also encourages people to think that their opinion should be […]

5 reasons you stopped doing Crossfit


Most people start Crossfit because they became bored of the typical gym program and lack of community, let’s face it 10mins cardio followed by ‘pick a body part’ training can get more than a little tedious! However, over time many […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Awesome (RTE TV tie in)


In this ultimate summary article I will help you with this goal. The advice I am about to give applies as much to the advanced or sports specific trainee as it does to the pure I-haven’t-exercised-since-PE-class-in-school. I hear you scream, “BUT DOMINIC I’M SUPER ADVADVANCED AND HAVE READ LOTS OF ‘STUFF'”. Well the reason it applies to everyone is because the ‘advanced’ person typically has far less nailed down that he’she thinks they have. They possibly know lots but he’she doesn’t do enough mobility work and it’s likely they still haven’t adressed their tight shoulders, tight hips (still can’t overhead squat more than 60kg like it’s an air squat), they don’t breathe correctly and their diet is about as good as a 14yr old girl having a girls sleep over with all her friends #filledwithsugarandwheat.

How Philosophy Can Change your Life


I’ve been a huge fan of the writer Alain de Botton for as long as I remember and first came across his work in The Observer over 15 years ago. I started with his book The Art of Travel and […]

The Way of Dom Seminar


I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and if was to go back and do it all again I certainly would make some major changes in how I trained clients, coached nutrition and ran my business. I’ve made […]

Flexiseq – relieves pain and improves mobility


I have to admit when I got my first order of Flexiseq and it said “relieves pain and improves mobility” I was pretty tempted to rub it over my entire body! You like me are probably a hard charging individual […]

The Way of Dom is coming to Wellfest


Just a short post to say that I’m delighted to have been asked to give a seminar at the upcoming Wellfest in Herbert Park September 19th click on pic to enhance There’s a great line up of presenters, practical demos […]

Fat burning healthy vegan chocolate cake with dairy free sugar free ice cream


Did someone mention cake… Most of us enjoy a nice piece of cake or a sweet treat now and again. However, over the past few years I’ve noticed a huge increase in what I call “it’s OK cake”. What’s “It’s […]