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I hope you are all doing well and you have your nutrition and training back on track after the xmas break. To get you motivated and properly informed then you would do yourself a world of good by listening to [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Awesome (Today FM tie in)

In this ultimate summary article I will help you with this goal. The advice I am about to give applies as much to the advanced or sports specific trainee as it does to the pure I-haven’t-exercised-since-PE-class-in-school. I hear you scream, “BUT DOMINIC I’M SUPER ADVADVANCED AND HAVE READ LOTS OF ‘STUFF’”. Well the reason it applies to everyone is because the ‘advanced’ person typically has far less nailed down that he’she thinks they have. They possibly know lots but he’she doesn’t do enough mobility work and it’s likely they still haven’t adressed their tight shoulders, tight hips (still can’t overhead squat more than 60kg like it’s an air squat), they don’t breathe correctly and their diet is about as good as a 14yr old girl having a girls sleep over with all her friends #filledwithsugarandwheat.

7 Rapid Fat loss Fixes


A simple tape measure can also be used or a body fat test with a calipers is ideal. If you are not measuring your progress in these ways you really must do it right now as it holds you accountable for your

6 reasons why you SHOULD eat more chocolate and drink coffee


Back in my days as a University student studying Sports Science I was trying to nail down a topic for my final year dissertation. I used to love going to the libary to study but half the time I ended up reading unrelated research papers just because they sounded interesting or presented new information that was not being discussed. It’s from these geek filled evenings that I settled on spending six months doing a lit review of all the available papers relating to caffeine and sports performance.

So I’m taking steroids and what you need to know


Haters. Definition – “Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch”. Urban Dictionary. Yup, [...]

Performance Nutrition for Crossfit


So you want to be better at Crossfit or ANY sport for that matter and are wondering how your nutrition fits into making you a better athlete. When I’m not training clients I murder fat. Here are the top 5 [...]

The TZ Strength Camp Summary


Coffee, you need coffee and lots of it because at a seminar like this I had to take so many notes I needed my brain switched on and charged to 100%! On Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th of [...]

Essential recipes you need to get in amazing shape


What are the essential recipes you need to be able to make to help you feel and look your best? I’ve trawled through my wifes blog to help you focus on a few basic recipes that when used regularly will [...]

5 reasons why you shouldn’t become a trainer


Think you have what it takes to become a trainer? I work in an area of Dublin that has over 14 gyms or personal training services within a 1km area! So how do I stand out in a very competitive [...]

How to run quicker and easier


I honestly think people take up running for two main reasons – 1. They want to drop fat – this is an ass backwards approach to fat loss and I explain why in my article why you cardio is keeping [...]