Emmet Louis on handstands


A few months ago I asked Emmet Louis to come to Dublin from his home in Berlin to do a workshop for me. When he asked what I wanted him to cover in a three hour workshop I pushed for […]

What they’re saying about #thewayofdom programming


In October 2015 I was wrestled into putting up an online program for people to follow. I honestly didn’t think it would be as successful as it has become and we have followers from as far away as Sydney, Florida […]

Healthy eating to under perform and lose


If you play or compete in a sport e.g. MMA, crossfit, running, triathlons then what and how you eat are important, but how important? I was reminded of what you need to know about performance nutrition as I listened to […]

Comfortable shoes and moobs – This is 40


I recently turned forty years old and I don’t know much but here are a few things I know for certain. Michael Pollan was right – Back in 2009 Michael brought out his book Food Rules: an eaters manual which […]

Motivation – you’re looking for it in the wrong place


Are the images you consume that show perfectly tanned and toned bodies espousing #healthyliving #rippedbody #fitnessjourney #gains truly inspiring you to do better things with your body, nutrition, heck your mind? For the last one hundred years we have become […]

Stop confusing sweating with progress


Bathed in their own sweat and fresh from Tuesday’s bootcamp class Mary said her goodbye to Jane and told her she would see her again for 7pm Pilates class tomorrow evening. Mary had been attending her local bootcamp class three […]

Hard work beats talent


“Hack your fitness” “The one trick that helps blitz body fat” “Boost energy levels” We’re constantly sold the idea or suggestion that there are a few tiny changes we can make or turn us into shredded, fitness kings or queens. […]

The small muscles that make a big difference


The guys over at D8Fitness were kind enough to send over a pack of mini bands to try out and I thought I would put a short video together to help you guys understand why you really should be using […]

Measure Less Enjoy More


Jordan Etkin is a marketing professor at Duke University and has just flipped the current obsession with wanting to measure and quantify. Her research showed that while measurement may prompt us to do more, it can make us enjoy the […]

Buy #thewayofdom T-Shirts


For the past few years I was reluctant to get T-shirts printed relating to my business because I undervalued their marketing power and how much people LOVE T-shirts! A few pictures I’ve gotten from people I work with all over […]