Wellness at Work

Wellness at work matters because on average we will spend between 1/2 and 1/2 of our waking hours at work or doing work related activities. The enormous rise of chronic disease and the time-bomb of an aging population coupled with these diseases means that the global workforce is getting sicker and this is expensive to employers and a huge personal cost to those of us experiencing that illness. Wellness at work matters because of this, not just because of the direct costs associated with the illness itself but also because of the indirect costs and impacts on an organisation in terms of productivity, customers and culture.

Our health and wellness programs support your companies' goals for a healthier workforce and a sustainable healthy workplace. Our Wellness at Work approach has an intimate knowledge of what it is really means to be healthy and we share our expertise and experience on how to develop a wellness program for your staff, how to implement it, how to measure what is working and what to put in to it based on what actually works on a practical basis. We can design a package for you consisting of any or all of the following:-

Fundamentals of a Corporate Wellness Program  - Why should we, What works What Doesn't and how to be authentic in your approach to wellness

How to stay mobile and improve movement in a sedentary job

How to train well with a busy lifestyle

Nutrition and Healthy Eating including cookery demonstrations

Lifestyle Health & Wellness covering Sleep, Stress, Resilience and Work-life Balance

These programs can be run over 1/2 day or longer depending on your requirements. Contact us now to design a program perfect for your needs.

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Move Well & Train Well

Dominic is a Sports Scientist as well as having 20 + years experience training people. He is a leading authority on fitness and health and is widely known for his expertise and in-dept knowledge.

Dominic has taught many programs in companies focusing on how to increase movement as a natural part of your working day. He will teach a program consisting of essential mobility exercises in order to retain mobility and flexibility especially important for people with a sedentary job.

He will share the most effective and sustainable way to train, recognising the need for an approach which fits into a busy working life.

He is a co-author of Move Train Nourish, The Sustainable Way to a Healthier you



Eat Well & Be Well

Grainne has spent over 20 years working in business and technology consulting leading teams and managing significant programs and is very familiar with the challenges of busy life and finding time for health fitness and relaxation.

She is a qualified Health and Wellness Coach and Stress Management Practitioner. She has also completed the 3 month cookery course at Dublin Cookery School .

She can design a program perfect for busy working people to learn how to get get good sleep, how to recognise and manage stress, build resilience as well as help explore steps to achieve a decent work life balance.  She can share real insights and practical tips on how you can stay fit, healthy and stress less.

She can also do cookery demonstrations of healthy and easy meals and snacks for busy working professionals.

She is a co-author of Move Train Nourish and has completed many speaking engagements covering the topics of Work Life Balance, Stress & Resilience and Sleep.