Chocolate Heaven

Our first rule for eating anything sweet is that it must taste really really great – in other words be worth the calories. This is a cake which is dense, fudgy, chocolatey and easy to make. Its also gluten free which is a bonus – serve with some raspberries and some chocolate coffee buttercream as an optional extra.

These slices are 2”sq pieces approximately – so portion size is small but enough

 Gooey Chocolate Cake

3 eggs separated and 1 whole egg

125g sugar

175g good quality dark chocolate, gently melted

40ml good quality cold coffee (I save it from my morning brew!)

75g ground almonds

15cm tin – greased and lined with parchment

Beat the egg yolks, whole egg and the sugar until thick and creamy

Fold in the almond meal, melted chocolate and cold coffee

Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold into the egg chocolate mix. Don’t overbeat as you as much air as possible.

Pour into the tin and make at 180C for approximately 30-40 minutes – you should check at 30 minutes as if the skewer comes out slightly gooey in the centre but the top feels dry then it is done enough.

Let cool before cutting and serving with some raspberries and chocoalate buttercream

 Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

30g good quality chocolate melted

50g butter

100g icing sugar

½ tsp coffee granules

Beat everything and serve with the cake