Salmon & Asparagus Parcel

Serves 4

Oven at 180C

4 salmon darnes

4 handfuls of asparagus trimmed of woody end

100ml vegetable stock

1 knob of butter

2tbsp madeira or white wine

4 big squares of parchment

Heat a pot on a high heat and add the madeira (be careful, it will spit a bit). Let it bubble for a minute or two then add the stock and butter and mix well. Squeeze in some lemon juice, taste for balance and set aside.

Take a piece of parchment, fold it in half to make a parcel and place a piece of salmon and some asparagus inside the parcel. Season well and pour 1/4 of the broth over the salmon and asparagus and seal the parcel and place on a baking sheet. Repeat for all 4. Down overcrowd the baking tray - place 2 on each tray.

Bake in a hot oven for 12 minutes approximately. Serve with some boiled potato and any left over broth.