Prune and Chocolate Bakes

These are soft and slightly chewy with a lovely hint of caramel from the coconut sugar plus the intense flavour of the coffee soaked prunes. They are easy to make and a perfect sweet treat. Just the one will do as they contain sugar and are so damm nice that moderation is key!.

Makes 12

Oven at 170c


60g prunes

100ml espresso

70g soft butter

100g flour

20g good quality cocoa powder

1/2 tsp salt

30g coconut sugar

Blend the prunes and espresso together then beat with the sugar until soft and well combined.

Whisk all the other ingredients together then beat into the sugar prune mix until the flour is all mixed and it is like a soft dough.

Shape into a log and wrap in clingfilm and shill for 30 minutes

Cut into 12 slices, lay on a parchment sheet and bake for about 12 minutes,

Leave to cool and they will firm up.