On Line Training

Would you love the benefit of Dominic's Programming expertise and experience but don't live near enough to come in person? Training using our online programming could be for you. This is not a cookie cutter program designed by someone who has never actually trained people in real life. These are Dominic's specially designed programmes to ensure that each aspect of your fitness is addressed in a comprehensive manner. Our constantly varied programmes are designed with a large bias towards getting people more mobile, stronger and better conditioned without exposing them to increased risk of injury through excessive focus on HIIT and metcons.

Sign up, get a weekly designed programme and workout at home or at the gym with Dominic's training expertise and guidance.


Weekly Schedule

Your training schedule will be posted a week in advance. It will consists of 6 training days with three as high priority days so you can train less or more depending on your time and what's going on for you each week.


Technique Critique & Specialist Advice

Ask question, post videos on your own workout elements, learn from others as well as get tips and helpful feedback from Dominic in relation to your form. Benefit from the technical explanatory videos on mobility,  strength and conditioning work which Dominic prepares to accompany the workouts. 


An Integrated Approach

The workouts are carefully planned by Dominic with specific warm up, Olympic lifting, strength, accessory and metcon work programmed that changes weekly.  These can be adjusted according to your specific needs or any limitations you may have. Dominic places huge importance on your flexibility and stability and the approach contains a focus on this also.