Introducing you to our team of experts.


Dominic Munnelly // Fitness & Movement

Dominic Munnelly is one of Ireland’s leading personal trainers having worked in the business for over 20 years. He has supported many clients on their health and fitness journey advising them on training, nutrition, mobility and wellness and in the process helped people lose weight, get fit and lead a happier and healthier life.  His background is Sports Science and as well as training clients,  he co-owns a gym in Kildare with his brother. He is considered a leading authority on fitness and has appeared on television and spoken on radio many times.

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Siobhan O'Neill // Fitness & Movement

Siobhan has been working with Dominic as a Trainer for the last number of years, following completion of qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition and Food Science. She has impeccable sports credentials having completed at a high level in Basketball, Athletics and more recently Crossfit. She competes at a national level in Crossfit Competitions including taking the Fittest Women in Leinster title as well as 3rd place in Ireland's most prestigious Crossfit team event 'The Filthy 150'. Siobhan takes pride in getting her clients to feel like the best version of themselves and brings the attitude that getting in shape should be challenging but fun, to all the work she does with clients.


 Larry McMahon Photography

Larry McMahon Photography

Grainne Parker // Health & Wellness

Grainne is a qualified Health & Wellness Coach and will work with you to develop a plan which will achieve your most longed for health and wellness goals. Would you like to live your life at your full potential ? Find within yourself the ways and means to be happy, fit, sleep well, lose weight? Grainne works 1-1 with people who would like to be supported on their way to making significant lifestyle changes. Contact her on 087-2379372 for more details.

She also has a huge passion for food and has been cooking since she was very young. She has lived in Rome studying Italian & Cookery as well as completing the 3-month professional Cookery Course at Dublin Cookery School with Lynda Booth.  She focuses on real food and cooking from scratch but fully understands the need to be able to get decent meals on the table quickly after a busy day at work.  Her recipe website is a great resource for anyone on a health and fitness journey who needs easy and delicious recipes for all the family.