Would you like some help to lose weight, sleep better, get some ZEST back into your life?.Sometimes it can be hard trying to figure these things out by yourself. See what some of my clients have to say about working with me:-

'I came to Grainne feeling very confused and upset by how food fitted into my life. Bad choices and a stressful work-life balance had led me up against a brick wall and I could not find my road back to happy and healthy eating. 

Thank you Grainne for helping me break down this wall, brick by brick and giving me back my confidence in food choices once more. Since meeting with Grainne, I have learned to love food again, to prepare and choose wisely instead of crash dieting. Not only has my weight has gone down, I am also happier and healthier everyday.' Emma, Dublin.

When our health is good, all else follows. We feel able for life, we are more confident, we can do the things we love, we are able for the challenges life can throw at us, we can excel at our jobs, we sleep better. Are there areas of your life you need help with ? Would you like to be able to lose weight, exercise more, sleep better? Manage Stress better, have a better work life balance? I can help you feel better, eat better, sleep better, I can help you unlock your motivation and create a plan to help you succeed with the lasting lifestyle improvements that you want to make. 

I am a trained Health and Wellness Coach and Stress Management practitioner and I have completed the American College of Lifestyle Medicine for coaches.Having worked in a demanding corporate job for over 20 years, I have literally seen it all and I understand the challenges of trying to get a decent work life balance, how stress can strike and how to find the time for your own health & well being.

"I spent over 20 years working with organisations to help them achieve their goals. As a health and wellness professional coach, I help YOU achieve your health goals. I bring the value of a professional who knows about succeeding at lifestyle improvement and can help you succeed. I bring the value of an ally and trusted motivational coach.” Grainne Parker