The following are the training options we offer to our clients. If you would like to improve your fitness and overall health then contact us for a consultation to assess your needs and get you started.

1-1 Personal Training

Are you completely new to training? Never been in the gym before but really would like to get fit, maybe lose some weight. Or perhaps you are a member of a gym but you are not getting the results you would like. Then 1-1 personal training could be right for you. A tailored programme based on an assessment of your needs and physical condition together with an underlying assessment of any medical conditions.  Come to us as often as you wish, whether that is a few times per week or every couple of weeks to tweak what you have been doing yourself and ensure you are making the progress you deserve.

Semi Private Group Training

Our semi-private group training is perfect for the person who likes the social group aspect of working out.  Following your 1-1 consultation and assessment, we place our clients into appropriate groups according to their fitness level and from then people book and come to training sessions 3 times per week. Pay by the month, come 3 times per week. Great if you love the motivation of and competition from your other group members.

On-Line training for the experienced

Many of our clients are very experienced and fit individuals, self starters and highly motivated to attend the gym or workout at home. If this is you then our on-line training programme could be for you. Following a consultation over the phone, you will receive a weekly training programme, access to an online peer group moderated by our trainers in which you can post your questions, upload your videos if you have any technique questions as well as access to a comprehensive library of how to perform the movements in the programme. Pay by the month, workout at home or in your own gym.

Coming soon....  A training manual for those of you who are beginners but are unable to attend our gym for 1-1 or group training. You can purchase our training manual which contains a set of workouts which you can use at home to get started with some training. This is aimed at anyone completely new to training but you will be able to access videos on Youtube showing how to perform the movements. as well as a set of key mobility movements you should be performing as part of your introduction to exercise. Contact us to join our waitlist for this.

All the clients training with us have a programme they will love and enjoy designed and overseen by Dominic.