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Weight training for women

All these women are a total inspiration and all show that here are NO accidents on how to look fab and feel great. They train hard, eat really well and enjoy the sessions. If you are flabby, tired much of the time and walking/running is not getting the results you are looking for then you reall need to start training like these amzing women and stop making excuses.

The Limerick Leaders

In September 2009 I began working with two sisters that heard me on Today FM and after some debate on choosing me over the motivation weight loss clinic they came to Dublin for a session. One of the sisters dropped […]

He took the red pill and never looked back

Thanks again Marco and keep in mind the best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself.

Kathy’s Success Story

One of my long time clients, Kathy, was kind enough to comment on a recent post regarding Ruth’s success story and I liked it so much I thought it really deserved it’s own post. I have trained Kathy for well […]

Ruth’s Success Story

One of my long time clients, Ruth, was kind enough so mail me the following yesterday – “Dominic has been my personal trainer for over 10 years. Over the course of that time he has challenged me continually and has […]

Injury free and back in the game

I got a really nice call from a client of mine that came to see me over a month ago. Oisin had a number of problems with his knees to the point that when he played basketball he was in […]

Super progress – a big congrats!

Just a short one on the progress of a client of mine Brenda. I tested her today at 15% body fat and was just checking her starting score which was 21.8% body fat – that’s a lmost a 7% drop! She […]

My Transformation Part 3

Ok I know its been ages since my last post and I will possibly have to tag on another few points to this as I do not have enough time to put in all of what I want to say […]

My Transformation Part 2

As promised in my previous post I said I would detail what and how I did to make my personal transformation. Here are my top  pieces of advice for all those looking to get in great shape and these apply to […]

My 2009 Transformation

Yesterday I decided to take out the camera and take a photo of my good self. This can seem like such a vain thing to do but can reveal much about your training and shows the real evidence of the progress […]