Everything you thought you knew about cholesterol is WRONG!

Everything you thought you might know about cholesterol might be so black and white. In this article I am excited to share with you a few videos from some of the world’s best experts and what they have to say about what you think you know about cholesterol is just plain wrong.

A great book on the whole area by Ravnskov

First up the the ever brilliant Chris Kresser and he always does such an amazing job at making the complicated simple. If you or your loved ones what to undertand cholesterol better then please for the love of God start here and NOT with automatically using cholesterol lowering drugs.

Next up is Mercola (most viewed alternative health site in the world) doing an interview with Dr Rosendale. Another good overview and essential reading once more.

Next up is a good article by Chris Masterjohn called High Cholesterol and Heart Disease which really well written. It’s quite long but worth the time if you really want to know more about this area.

Finally, an article on cholesterol would not be complete without inviting Mat Lalonde to the party. Mat is a super super smart Harvard research chemist and although he is not directly discussing cholesterol here, everything he mentions has links to cholesterol so I hope you enjoy.


If all of the above were the only information you were to ever read and watch about cholesterol I honestly think you would be twenty years ahead of the current thinking on this area. Please pass this on to people you know that need to work on this or have been told that they need to lower their cholesterol levels. Give them the article, tell them to get a big bottle of fish oil and get off the damaging grain based carbs.

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5 Responses to “Everything you thought you knew about cholesterol is WRONG!”

  1. Mark says:

    Great post Dominic, this is something that doesn’t get talked about a lot – almost every man I know over 35 is on statins.
    My cholesterol was high (I’m 28) and the doctor told me to take statins, I wasn’t sold on the idea of taking something like that for the rest of my life so I started doing research for myself.

    I then read Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint on your recommendation on boards and I have been doing it for a little over 6 months, lost 25lbs (and I wasn’t fat!) and my HDL/Total cholesterol ratio went from 6.5/1 to 4/1 and my triglycerides dropped form 128 to 60!

    All that while eating bacon, eggs, steak etc!

    Thanks man!

    • Dominic Munnelly says:

      Cheers dude and this is the unsexy part of training/diet/health that soooo many leave to their doctors (educated mainly by the drug companies). As i mentioned please pass on to others as its a crying shame the way people leave their health in the hands of people (doctors) that have a grand total of about 6hrs education on nutrition.

  2. Philip says:

    I’m just watching the first video now and it’s really shocking how incorrect the generally accepted view is. It’s scary that until today I would have accepted as wisdom everything that, in reality, seems to be not only wildly incorrect but dangerously so. I’m going to have to get better informed! Thanks for the links Dominic!

    • Dominic Munnelly says:

      Hi Philip, yes and I have been saying this for years now. Ravnskov’s book (the cholesterol myth) has been around for over 10years and the best brains at places like the weston a price foundation have been banging on about this for longer. Please please please pass on to others as its a total disgrace as to how this topic is typically handled

  3. Denis Tomkins says:

    Hi Dominic, just as I think I couldn’t learn anymore I find another great article on your site, I have very high cholesterol(up in the 9’s!)my doctor wants me to go on statins but i’m not too keen and have been fighting it for ages, I am actively trying to control my cholesterol by changing my diet(it’s a work in progress, I mailed you earlier in the week about bread!!)anyway I’ve had a quick look over this article and it’s got some great information, I will study it more in depth, Dominic I have to say I’ve learned more in the last week about diet/fitness etc, since I accidently discovered your website, keep the articles coming they’re great, I’ve subscribed!! thanks Denis

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