“Stripping body fat and improving fitness”

It’s been a while since I posted up a success story so here is one from a client of mine Philip who started coming to me about a year ago and now comes back with his brother every 6-8 weeks for his program. They have both gotten in great shape and with every 6-8 week cycle come back leaner (well not EVERY 6 weeks but mostly) fitter and stronger.

Philip –

“I have been a member of various gyms for the last 6years. From total fitness to Carlisle, Jackie Skelly, the list goes on. In each of these gyms I had an assessment and each time I got the same canned program. This is how to use a tread mill, cross trainer, this is how to use a bench press, these are dumbbells, blah, blah, blah. Never ONCE did anyone assess my flexibility/mobility, ask me what my goals are, discuss eating habits, give me any nutrition suggestions or do any kind of follow up.

A bad personal trainer at work!

Then after talking with a friend of mine he recommend I go to Dominic. Having just got back from holidays in Majorca in June 2010 and feeling depressed about my overall fitness and appearance I decided enough was enough so I gave Dominic a call and arranged an assessment. The first thing Dominic done was assess my flexibility, movements, went to through basic core compound movements, proper lifting techniques and actually listened to what my goals. He then introduced me to a structured program with a goal of stripping body fat and improving my overall fitness levels through strength days, cardio and metabolic conditioning days which are brilliant and also showed me the importance of a solid diet. One of the key benefits of going to Dominic is that he keeps the programs interesting consistently changing which keeps you looking forward to the next assessment cause you just don’t know what will be involved.

I have seen a massive difference in the 10-12months i have been going back to Dominic and am now looking forward to seeing how much i will change in the next 6-12 months. I can now look forward to my sun holiday knowing I will look and feel my best.

Thanks for all the effort and support Dominic”

Cheers again Philip and just like all the other success stories I get all the time, you are a constant reminder of what can be done when you apply what I ask of you with consistency and a sense of  enjoyment.

4 Responses to ““Stripping body fat and improving fitness””

  1. Joanne says:

    Great work Philip!! Keep it up.

  2. Phiilp says:

    Hey Joanne, thanks for the support. am in states now but still working hard with all the stuff dominic has taught me over the last yr. hopefully next yr il be fit enough to do some crossfit challenges

  3. Joanne says:

    Woo hoo!! That’s the spirit. Enjoy your hols!

  4. Antoinette says:

    well done philip Top class trainer and top class website not many trainers give out so much free info..

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