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Just wanted to share this post with all my readers as I know you will benefit from watch and reading this.

Liz has been one of my weekly clients for 9 months now and is a mother of four young children. She has been plagued with a long term shoulder problem  and most recently while that was showing some good improvements she managed to tear up her ankle doing box jumps at home while feeling extra energetic!

I find it laughable when I hear people piss and moan that they don’t have the time to exercise or don’t have the energy. Throughout my time training Liz she has not once ever moaned that her shoulder was bad and couldn’t train (you can work around most injuries) or her kids were up all night sick, coughing etc and just got on with the workout. Now I have to rein her in at times as she just wants to hit it hard in all sessions but hey that’s the job of a good trainer I suppose i.e. know when to push and know when to ease back. She has dropped over 4% body fat during the time we have been training (not an easy task when you are already at a decent level as it was) and I think you will agree that she looks superb.

Here she is doing a 2mins work block of band resisted sprints, deadlifts (60-70kg) and plank position (got to work that midline stability when you are tired).

As I write this article it reminds me of the great Jack Lalanne (who recently passed away) as he inspires you with more wonderful words of inspiration.

Nature intended us to enjoy exercise and that’s exactly why Liz has gotten great results. She gets on with the sessions working around lack of sleep, injuries etc so she can look and feel her very best.

Liz you will probably kill me for posting as I know you are a bit shy about stuff like this. So readers post up comments if you enjoyed this and next time you are thinking you don’t have the energy or time to train remind yourself that –

“There is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings”.
Arthur Rubinstein (1886 – 1982)

3 Responses to “Liz aka ‘get it done’Fitz”

  1. Joanne says:

    Fantastic work Liz. You look great and you are an inspiration. Well done!

  2. Dan says:

    You are an inspiration Liz

  3. Liz says:

    Thanks for the kind words Joanne and Dan :0). Dominic has been very kind and generous too in his description of me. Am glad to being seeing little steady improvements as time goes by.
    Liz (now somewhat over the shock of seeing myself here ;0)

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