Dramatic progress beyond your expectation

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted a nice testimonial from one of my clients so I was delighted to find my inbox with two when I checked it this morning.

Here is one of them and the other I will post up later in the week.

This is from Warren who I have been training for about 4-5months now (comes to me once every 6-7 weeks for a new program) and is such a delight to work with as he has a great attitude to both his traning and diet which have seen him make dramatic changes. I will let his words do the talking and hope you are inspired to make even just some of the positive changes he has made.


“Injury after injury after injury followed by brutally poor advice and even worse direction from so called professionals. That is the only way to describe the journey I have been on for the last 20 months. After being injury free for the majority of my sporting life I ran into an injury associated with my pelvis/hip.

So when I first went to Dominic I was probably at one of the lowest points of my life sports wise. I went to Dominic more in hope than anything else, I had read his blog, seen his posts on boards etc but after the first session with him I knew if this guy couldn’t help me get back on track nobody could.

Dominic assessed my flexibility, base strength and fitness in the first session and not to my surprise he noted I had some major flexibility issues. In the first session, he laid out for me how he would get me back to where I wanted to be- playing and training competitively.

The program along with the stretching, foam rolling and trigger point release seemed to be working. I was pretty shocked after a couple of weeks that I hadn’t fallen back into my injured state again, but this time the muscles that were weak or tight were now getting more flexible and strong versus at previous stages where I was simply training myself into the ground with little or no stretching and foam rolling to recover.

(you need to foam roll more? Do all of this)

I was beginning to feel better and was simply enjoying being back training. I gave up drinking alcohol for the first 10 weeks of my training with Dominic once I realised I was starting to progress.  Along with the advice Dominic provided around my diet led to reducing my body fat by half, enabling me to begin to compete at competitive level in my sport once again.

After four months with Dominic I have made dramatic progress far beyond where I expected I would get to in such a short time frame. I think the key thing for me was the process Dominic provided, as with any process you can cut corners which will reduce the quality of the output/results.  The process means making changes and simply adapting, I found you have to want to make changes for yourself and the reason you are making these changes is to meet your goals!

I have got to say Dominic has adapted too, in the form of excellent METCONs and home work outs for them days you just can’t make the gym.

(here is an example of one of those home based type sessions)

Another key item was treating the gym session like a training session with my team, at training with my team the aim is to train hard for the duration of the session and get out of there, the key thing Dominic has thought me is to bring intensity to everything I do as this is what will really bring you on.

As I sit here and type this I am also reading the goals which I first set when I went to see Dominic first, I am very happy to say I have met each and every one of them goals and now it’s time to raise the bar again!

I can safely say that without the guidance, advice and motivation provided by Dominic I would still be stuck in the same injured cycle wondering where ever am I going wrong.

Thanks Dominic!


Thanks again Warren and I know you will continue to make progress for the future with the guidance and consistency in both your training and diet

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  1. Bridget says:

    Well done Warren. Great progress in that amount of time. You are obviously very disciplined and determined.
    Good to hear the success stories and great video on foam rolling etc also.

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