Weight training for women

It frequently amazes me when a new female client starts to work with me or questions are posted on forums by women wanting to get much more toned and fit. Many of them have such crazy misconceptions about how and what to do when using weights.

No you are not going to get big and bulky and no you are not going to be lifting girly pink dumbbells because your handbag is heavier than that!!!

With all of this in mind I decided to post up a few videos of a few of my female clients that would put many many guys to shame and they are a total inspiration. I find this will get the point across quicker than just blabbing on about why women should do proper weights and get trained without resorting to treating them like little girls. They will all possibly kill me for posting these but hey I think they need to be seen as I am sure there are a few people out there that need some convincing.

First up is Trish who will possibly kill me for posting this so you will have to support me on this as she looks fab, has increased her shrength massively and lost a whopping 10kg since January this year. Every 6 weeks she comes back to me and in every group session she does (saturdays at 9.30am) she gets stronger and drops more weight. Trish you look great and are a joy to work with –

Next up is Anna who I do not see any more than twice a year as she is based in London and again she works so hard on the weights and always pushes for progress with her fitness, body fat and strength. Here she is doing a few easy deadlifts and some pull ups. Anna I only wish you were living in Dublin so you could kick butt in my group sessions.

Next is Kimella who is just a workout killer!! Every session she completely knocks it out, has superb conditioning and her strength goes up week on week. I really hope she goes in for the next crossfit invite. Here she just powers up an easy 80kg deadlift (needs some technique work but a great lift all the same) –

Last up is Elaine, mother of three kids and again a total dream client. She has fantastic conditioning, a good strength base and I have never done a session I did not enjoy taking her for.

Here she blasts out 9mins on a really tough workout ladder metcon (please try this any girls reading, hell any guys that get 9mins on this(using a 16-24kg kettlebell) I would be impressed) –

Finally, I have to say that my wife hits it hard with sessions at home using very limited equipment a few days a week and does this as out daughter tries to join in throughout!

It does not take long to stay in great shape and having a husband as a trainer does not matter a dam as I can’t lift the weights for her as she puts in the hard work all the time. I must also add that her cooking skills are the primary reason I can keep my diet in order.

All these women are a total inspiration and all show that here are NO accidents on how to look fab and feel great. They train hard, eat really well and enjoy the sessions. If you are flabby, tired much of the time and walking/running is not getting the results you are looking for then you reall need to start training like these amzing women and stop making excuses.

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  1. Anna says:


  2. Joanne says:

    Well done to all of you! Great to see what can be done!!

  3. Gillian says:

    Hey, really impressed by the girls weight lifting. Would love to get some training?? Is it available?

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