He took the red pill and never looked back

A client and good friend of mine is off to London to begin a new career tomorrow so I thought I would post up a testimonial he gave to me some time ago that I was saving.

Marco Francosi

“I first met Dominic in February of 2009.  Having always been into sports throughout my life, I had found it extremely difficult coping with my fitness and health during the previous 6-7 years as I had damaged ankle ligaments, had glandular fever and had two knee operations for damage to the cartilage and a full cruciate ligament tear.  Going from practicing sports five to six times a week, I went through prolonged periods of no sports and exercise, and this not only manifested itself physically, but also affected my confidence and everyday energy levels.  Once my knee had healed medically back in 2005, I started going to the gym, something I never had really done prior to the knee injury.  By taking “advice” from so called experts and winging it myself I never saw any particular improvement in my fitness or health, and if anything noticed that the weight exercises I was doing only led to me looking “pumped” or heavy, as opposed to healthy and not helping me improve athletically.  

Dominic laughs when I compare meeting him and doing that first session, to taking the red pill in the matrix.  My whole philosphy regarding exercise, was immediately changed forever.  Even though I could barely get out of bed the next two days, I could not wait for that next session the following week, and that has never changed.  What I always had was a desire to get fitter and to be improving athletically, not only to get back to how I was prior to the illness and injuries, but to make the improvements I never did even then.  Coupling that with the knowledge and enthusiasm that Dominic manages to install in each session, was a recipe for success.
I wont go into the numbers too much as they wont mean a lot to too many people, and everyone has different goals, but a few examples of how Dominic’s training methods helped me will highlight the importance of meeting and learning from someone like him.  I generally weigh around 73 or 74 Kg.  Due to the serious knee injury I had, my knee was unstable due to the fact that my thigh had around 30% less muscle mass than my right thigh, and due to the lack of sports, it was not as if my “good” leg was strong.   The last time I tried a max deadlift was in December of 2009.  I hit 158kg with not too much of an effort, weighing 73kg that day.  Chin ups went from struggling to do 10 in a row to a max of 38, or a single with 40kg around my waist.  For those interested in body fat percentages, when I met Dominic mine was about 13-14%.  Within three months, with my weight going up by 2kg, my body fat had shrunk to 6.2%.  Forget the whole looking “ripped” thing, where the benefit was felt most was in the energy department.  I had not felt this much energy since I was 18. 

Marco doing core work –

If I had to specify the single most important aspect regarding health and fitness that I have learned from Dominic, it would be the importance of the twenty minute exercise session and how to do that correctly.  Unless I am playing a sport I will never be in a fitness/sports centre for more than 40 minutes, including showering and changing.  This is important because you learn that there is NO excuse for not training.  A short metcon can be done in your bedroom or in your back garden.  This is something that will aide me in my future training no matter how many hours I work, or where I am in the world.
I can’t ever remember doing the same session with Dominic twice in a month.  Even now 4 out of every 5 times we meet, something new is on the menu. No doubt there will be many more new challenges from Dominic in the days, months and years to come.
If you are an aspiring athlete, and you wanted to improve your physical performances, I would urge you to contact Dominic.  Thanks to Dominic, I have competed in a triathlon, ski races and a number of other competitions in the last year.  Every drop of sweet has been more than worth it.

Thanks again Marco and keep in mind the best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself. Marco made these great changes and got results because he took action and did all that was asked of him without question. I hope you will do the same

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  1. Daniel says:

    Excellent training and excellent results. Congrats to the both of you guys!

  2. David Nangle says:

    Excellent post, great stats and huge results over the period … couldnt agree more with the sentiment of Marco’s experience

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